Salesforce report issue – time limit exceeded

You might come across that you have saleforce report issue with time limit exceeded error message. It occurs when you run a report with huge amounts af data behind. The report continues loading for a long time and ends up with an Time limit exceeded error message.

If you have a lot of records in the stored in the object that you are working on, there are limitations to how much Salesforce will handle for you.

The error notice you get, suggest the following options.

  • Filter for just your own records, rather than “all” records.
  • Limit the scope of data to a specific date range
  • Exclude unnecessary columns from your report.
  • Avoid using the “Contains” or “Does not contain” operators. Use “equals” or “Not Equal To” instead.

What I found be the quickest solutions, is to go into customize the report. Which you can do, even if you are not able to run the report.

What you then do, is to change the date range to only one day. Then you save the report. You the go on running the report, which should be optainable with the limited date range. When you have run the report first time, you can go in and set the report range to the desired time frame. Then Salesforce easily should be able to run the report. I dont know exactly why this is the case, but it seems to work.

Let me know if you come across other methods to handle s

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